Lost Country Houses: A-Z

This is a list of all known lost Scottish country houses, mostly unverified at present (but based on previous research, this list is likely to prove well in excess of 95% accurate). For a key to the abbreviations used, see the Resources page. This list has not yet been checked against all known references, so there will be some omissions. Please send any corrections (verified entries only) to aldisley@yahoo.com.

Also included below are some significant lost villas, many of which were simply country houses without an estate, and more happily some found houses, some restored, others whose demolition never happened.

  1. Abercairney Abbey, Perthshire (aka Abercairney House or Castle, R Crichton 1804, completed R&R Dickson 1842, tower R Thornton Shiells 1869. d1960). DCH, LHS, NMRS
  2. Abergeldie Castle, Aberdeenshire (C19 mansion d C20, tower remains)
  3. Abington House, Lanarkshire (+C19 Kinnear & Peddie, d1898 fire, replaced by Glengonnar House) NMRS
  4. Aboyne Castle, Kincardineshire (~1671, +W Burn 1835, +G Truefitt, substantially reduced 1975). NMRS, other
  5. Achalader House, Perthshire (aka Ballied House, J Starnforth c1870, deroofed after 1945, shell). BAR, SEH, other
  6. Aden House, Aberdeenshire (+~J Smith 1852, d after 1945, shell remains in Aden Country Park). DCH, LHS
  7. Airdrie House, Lanarkshire (C19, 1964). DCH, LHS, NMRS, other
  8. Airlie Park, Angus (d after 1954). DCH, NMRS
  9. Airlour House, Mochrum, Wigtownshire (dC20, new house).
  10. Aldbar Castle, Angus (aka Auldbar, Auldbar Castle, T Lyon 1580, +P Chalmers 1844-54, d1964 fire). DCH, LHS, NMRS
  11. Allanbank House, Berwickshire (D Bryce 1848, d1969). DB, DCH, LHS, NMRS
  12. Allanton House, Lanarkshire (+J Gillespie Graham 1809/20, d C20). DCH, LHS, NMRS
  13. Alloa House, Clackmannanshire (G Angus 1834-8, ~J Melvin 1866-9, d1955-9). DCH, LHS, NMRS
  14. Almondell House, Midlothian (H Erskine 1790, gutted c1950, d1969). DCH, LHS, NMRS
  15. Altyre House, Moray (+J Kinross C19, +WL Carruthers C20, d c1962). DCH, LHS, NMRS
  16. Alva House, Clackmannanshire (aka Alva Castle, C17, R Adam C18, d1940s, shell partially extant 1954). DCH, LHS, NMRS
  17. Amisfield House, East Lothian (I Ware 1756, +J Henderson 1785, d c1928). DCH, LHS
  18. Ancrum House, Roxburghshire (Wardrop & Reid 1874, d1970). LHS, NMRS
  19. Annfield House, Angus (D Neave C19, d c1939). DCH, LHS
  20. Annfield House, Glasgow (1770, d1870, GG, NMRS)
  21. Appin House, Argyll and Bute.
  22. Ardeer House, Ayrshire (C18, d c1967). MA, NMRS
  23. Ardencaple Castle, Dunbartonshire (aka Ardincaple Castle, C13, C16, R Mylne 1786, d1957-8 except tower). DCH, LHS, NMRS
  24. Ardmaddy House, Argyll (aka Ardmaddy or Armaddy Castle, C18, +J Gillespie Graham's 1838 plans completed by D Bryce 1862, ~T McCrae 1924, d1978-9 except C18 wing). NMRS, other
  25. Ardmiddle House, Turriff, Aberdeenshire.
  26. Ardmillan House, Ayrshire (aka Ardmillan Castle, C16 tower, ~C17, +J Smith C18, ~1908, fire 1973, C18 wing d1990, remainder d1990s). LHS, MA, NMRS, SEH
  27. Ardoch House, Perthshire (+W Stirling 1826, shell). DCH, LHS, NMRS
  28. Ardwell House, Stoneykirk, Wigtownshire (C17, +Brown & Wardrop 1869, d c1956 except C17 wing). NMRS
  29. Armadale Castle, Skye (J Gillespie Graham 1803/15/22 incomplete, +D Bryce 1855-7, ~J Wittel 1920-8, shell/ruin) NMRS, other
  30. Armiston House, Angus. DCH, LHS
  31. Aros House, Mull (aka Aros Castle/Lodge, Dounarwyse, Drumfin House, W Burn 1825 incomplete, ~JM Wardrop 1875, d1962). NMRS
  32. Ashcliff House, Angus (C Wilson 1854, ~Mills & Shepherd 1923, d1928 for Harris Academy). DCH, LHS, NMRS, other
  33. Auchaber House, Angus (+W wing C19, d1927 except W wing). DCH, LHS, NMRS
  34. Auchans Old House, Ayrshire (+1644, +1667, deroofed c1920, ruin). LHS, MA, NMRS, BAR
  35. Auchans New House, Ayrshire (R Wallace c1819, d1970). LHS, MA, NMRS
  36. Auchentorlie House, Bowling, Dunbartonshire (d C20, new house). NMRS
  37. Auchentorlie House, Renfrewshire (d C20). Other
  38. Auchernach House, Aberdeenshire (1809? 1832 date stone, d c1945). LHS, NMRS, BAR
  39. Auchindarroch House, Lochgilphead, Argyll (aka Oakfield House, C18, d c1969). DCH, LHS, NMRS
  40. Auchingray House, Lanarkshire (aka Auchengray, c1820, ~JM Arthur 1924, fire 1937, shell). NMRS, BAR, other
  41. Auchinraith House, Lanarkshire (D Hamilton 1809, d after 1945). GG, NMRS
  42. Auchintoshan House, Dunbartonshire (aka Auchentoshan, C17 and later, D Hamilton 1809 (confused with
  43. Auchinraith?), +1890, d1941 WWII bomb, remains d by 1951). GG, NMRS, other
  44. Auchinvole House, Dunbartonshire (aka Auchenvole Castle, C16/17, +C19, pd1965, remains d by 1977). DCH, NMRS, LHS
  45. House of Auchiries, Banffshire (E block 1715, centre block mid C18, ~E block C19, d C19 shell except W wing occupied). NMRS, BAR, other
  46. Auchlochan House, Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire (d2014)
  47. Auchmore House, Perthshire (d1962)
  48. Auchry House, Aberdeenshire (1767, ~W Liddle Duncan c1910, d1967). DCH, LHS, NMRS, other
  49. Auchtyfardle House, Lanarkshire (C18, +D Bryce 1864, d1957) DB, DCH, LHS, NMRS
  50. Aviemore House, Invernessshire (d1964). CHB, NMRS
  51. Avontoun House, West Lothian (pre 1865, C18?, d post 1964). CHB, NMRS
  52. Ayton House, Fife (aka Aytonhill, extant by 1862, d by 1905). NMRS, other
  53. Aytounhill House, Fife (aka Ayton Hill House, D Bryce 1876, fire 1969, new house c1990). DB, DCH, LHS, NMRS, other
  54. Balbardie House, West Lothian (R Adam 1793, d1955 except W wing). LHS
  55. Balconie House, Ross & Cromarty (d c1968). LHS
  56. Baldovan House, Dundee, Angus (d2003).
  57. Balgarvie House, Monimail, Fife (d variously c 1938-40, c1938-48, and 1955). NMRS, DCH
  58. Balgreggan House, Stoneykirk, Wigtownshire (W Adam 1730, d1966). LHS, other
  59. Balkail House, Wigtownshire (d c1960). LHS
  60. Ballencrief House, Stirlingshire (mostly d by 1854, ruins removed between 1974 and 1988). NMRS
  61. Ballechin House, Peeblesshire (1806, d1963). LHS, NMRS
  62. Ballumbie House, Dundee (1810, ~J Findlay 1902, +Stewart & Robbie 1934, fire 1981, ruin). SEH, BAR, NMRS
  63. Balmacaan House, Invernessshire (C18?, ~C19, d after 1942). NMRS
  64. Balmae House, Kircudbrightshire (early C19, d1963). LHS, NMRS
  65. Balruddery House, Angus (D Neave c1820, +C Edward & TS Robertson c1865, +S Mitchell & Wilson 1889 after fire, d1965). LHS, NMRS, DCH
  66. Balthayock House (old), Perthshire (new house)
  67. Balthayock House (new), Perthshire (J Maclaren 1870, d 2005, new house). SEH, NMRS, other
  68. Balvenie House, Mortlach, Banffshire (aka Balvenie New House, James Gibbs C18, d1929). DCH, NMRS
  69. Baillieston House, Lanarkshire (C17, d1964). Other
  70. Barholm House, Kircudbrightshire (R Adam 1789, d1958 or 1960). LHS, NMRS
  71. Barlanark House, Lanarkshire (D Hamilton 1822, d1972). GG, NMRS
  72. Barnbarroch House, Wigtownshire (aka Barnbarrow in error by Loudon, 1780, +JC Loudon 1806, fire 1941). LHS (as Barnbarrow), SEH, BAR
  73. Barnton House, Midlothian (1623, +1683, ~R Adam 1794, +D Hamilton 1810, d1920). LHS, NMRS
  74. Barochan House, Renfrewshire (C17, +1896, d1947 except 1896 wing). LHS, SCE
  75. Beechwood House, Dundee, Angus (1855-75 J Maclaren & G Shaw Aitken, d?). LHS, NMRS, DCH
  76. Belladrum House, Kiltarlity & Convinth, Invernessshire (Reginald Fairlie 1835, +~David Bryce 1858, + Alexander Ross, d1957). DB, NMRS
  77. Bellaty Lodge, Angus (aka Bellatly Lodge, d1954). LHS, NMRS
  78. Bellfield House, Kilmarnock (d1969). NMRS
  79. Belton House, East Lothian (d1967). LHS, DCH
  80. Biel House, East Lothian (C14, +1769, +W Atkinson 1814, ~1883, greatly reduced 1952). LHS, DCH
  81. Bishopton House, Renfrewshire (mostly d1912). LHS
  82. Blackadder House, Berwickshire (~1814-7, deroofed c1925, d1931). LHS, DCH, NMRS
  83. Blackford House, Blackford Avenue, Edinburgh.
  84. Blackhall Castle, Strachan, Kincardineshire (1771, +C19?, d1946), NMRS, DCH
  85. Blackstoun House, Renfrewshire (d1939). LHS
  86. Blackwood House, Lanarkshire. NMRS
  87. Blackyairds, Lanarkshire (C15, d C19, replaced by Calderbank House). Other
  88. Blythswood House, Renfrewshire (J Gillespie Graham 1820-2, d1935). LHS, SCE
  89. Bogie House, Fife (J Gillespie Graham, part d1935, no trace now). NMRS, LHS, DCH
  90. Bonhard Castle, West Lothian (C16, internal alterations 1929, d1962). LHS
  91. Boquhan, Stirlingshire. LHS
  92. Bonnington House, Bonnington Road, Edinburgh.
  93. Bonnington House, Lanark, Lanarkshire (C18, +J Gillespie Graham 1830, fire 1900, shell d1926 or later). LHS, NMRS
  94. Bordlands House, Peeblesshire
  95. Braco Park, Aberdeenshire (aka Braco Park House, d1968). LHS, DCH
  96. Braehead House, Kilmarnock (d1966). NMRS
  97. Brahan Castle, Ross & Cromarty (1600, mostly d c1953). LHS, CHB
  98. Bredisholm House, Baillieston, Lanarkshire (c1710, +1765, d c1980). NMRS, other
  99. Brisbane House, Ayrshire (aka Kelso-land, 1636, +C19, deroofed c1920, d c1940). LHS, DCH, NMRS
  100. Broadmeadows Home Farm House, Berwickshire (not to be confused with Broadmeadows House, c1803, d c1915 new house) LHS, DCH, NMRS
  101. Broadfield House, Renfrewshire. MR
  102. Broadstone House, Renfrewshire (D Bryce 1869-70, fire 2004, shell). DB, BAR
  103. Broxmouth Park, East Lothian (aka Broxmouth House, C17, later house attached, C17 house d1955, other house extant). LHS, DCH
  104. Brucklay Castle, Aberdeenshire (C16 tower, +C17, +W Dingwall 1765, +J Smith 1814, ~Mackenzie & Matthews 1849, ~Mackenzie & Matthews 1881, deroofed 1952/3, shell). LHS, CHB, BAR, NMR, DCH
  105. Buchanan Castle (W Burn 1850-2, d C20, shell). LHS
  106. Buchanan Place (R Adam 1751, +J Playfair 1789, d1850 fire, replaced by Buchanan Castle). LHS
  107. Buchromb House, Dufftown, Aberdeenshire (d c1969).
  108. Burnside House, Aberdeenshire (C18, d1938). LHS, NMRS, DCH
  109. Byth House, Aberdeenshire (1593, largely replaced C18, d1932 new house). NMRS, LHS
  110. Cairnhill, Airdrie, Lanarkshire (1762, +J Baird 1841, +1960s, abandoned 1983, d1990). SEH
  111. Calder Hall, Midlothian (C17, +later, unroofed 1970, shell). LHS
  112. Calderwood Castle, Lanarkshire (d1951).
  113. Calderbank House, Lanarkshire (c1870, d April 2002 fire). Other
  114. Caldwell House, Renfrewshire (R&J Adam 1771-3, fire 1995, shell). BAR
  115. Cambo House, Fife (d1878 fire). LHS, DCH
  116. Cambusdoon House, Argyll (d1970 fire). LHS
  117. Cambusnethan (old), Wishaw, Lanarkshire (C17, d1810 fire, new house). SEH
  118. Cambusnethan (new), Wishaw, Lanarkshire (J Gillespie Graham 1819, 1985 fire, shell/ruin). SEH, BAR
  119. Cammo House, Midlothian (1693, +C18, d1980 ruin). SEH
  120. Candacraig House, Aberdeenshire (fire 1956, mostly d). DCH
  121. Caponflat House, East Lothian (d c1947). LHS, DCH
  122. Carbet Castle, Angus (d c1938). LHS, DCH
  123. Carbrook House, Larbert, Stirlingshire (d c1946). Other
  124. Cardean House, Perthshire (1855, using W Burn's 1836 work removed from Arthurstone House, d1953). LHS
  125. Cardoness House, Gatehouse of Fleet, Dumfriesshire (mostly d)
  126. Carfin House, Lanarkshire (d1937
  127. Carlibar House, Barrhead, Renfrewshire (d1976). SEH, NMRS
  128. Carmichael House, Lanarkshire (1754-67, unroofed 1955, shell). LHS, CHB, SEH, BAR
  129. Carnock House, Stirlingshire (d c1941). LHS
  130. Carnousie Old House, Banffshire (C19, d?, new house, ruin?). LHS, DCH
  131. Carnousie New House, Banffshire (A Simpson c1835, incomplete, d1920). LHS, DCH
  132. Carntyne House, Lanarkshire (1802, d1920s). CTD
  133. Carnwath House, Lanarkshire (d 1970). LHS
  134. Carpow House, Perthshire (R Balfour c1807, d?). Other
  135. Carron House, Stirlingshire (late C18, abandoned 1859, shell by 1896). LHS, SEH
  136. Carwood House, Lanarkshire (1832, +1845, +1859, abandoned 1950s, shell). BAR
  137. Cassencarie Castle, Wigtownshire (aka Cassencarry, Castle Cary, Cassencarie House, C17 tower, +C19, mostly abandoned after 1958, shell, W wing occupied). BAR, SEH, NMRS
  138. Castle Newe, Aberdeenshire (1604, +A Simpson 1831, d c1950, new house). LHS, DCH
  139. Castle Semple, Renfrewshire (1735-40, fire 1935, shell d1960s except one converted wing). LHS, SCE
  140. Castle Wemyss, Wemyss Bay, Renfrewshire (R Billings C19, fire, shell d c1980). Other
  141. Castle Wigg House, Wigtownshire (aka Castlewigg, ruin, part d). LHS
  142. Castlehill House, Castletown, Caithness. Other
  143. Castlemilk, Glasgow (1490 tower, +1841, d after 1953). CTD
  144. Castleroy, Angus (d1953). LHS
  145. Cathcart House, Glasgow. Other
  146. Catrine House, Ayrshire (1819-20, +1889, d1945 dry rot). Other
  147. Cavers House, Roxburghshire (tower, +1700, +Peddie & Kinnear 1885-87, part d1952, shell). LHS, SEH, BAR
  148. Charleton House, Angus (1800, fire 1986, d June 2005). Other
  149. Charterhall, Berwickshire (1851, d c1960, new house). LHS, DCH
  150. Clerkington House, Haddington, East Lothian. Other.
  151. Clunie Castle, Perthshire (shell). LHS
  152. Clydeneuk, Uddingston, Lanarkshire.
  153. Coldoch House, Perthshire (d c1965). LHS
  154. Coltness House, Lanarkshire. Other
  155. Congalton, East Lothian (d c1927). LHS, DCH
  156. Cordonen, Kircudbrightshire (part d c1959, new house). LHS
  157. Corraith House, Ayrshire (D Bryce? C19).
  158. Corsehill House, Argyll (d1963). LHS
  159. Cortachy Castle, Angus (C15, +C17, +1820, D Bryce C19, Kinnear & Peddie 1883-5 after fire, much d C20, earlier part remains inhabited). Other
  160. Costerton House, Midlothian (ruin). LHS
  161. Cowden Castle, Perthshire. LHS
  162. Cowden Hall, Renfrewshire (C19, d1947). LHS
  163. Craig House, Aberdeenshire (aka Craig Castle, C16 tower, +1726, +A Simpson 1832, d1942 fire). LHS
  164. Craigbarnet House, Stirlingshire (d c1951). LHS
  165. Craigend House, Stirlingshire (aka Craigend Castle, A Ramsay early C19, part d1968, ruin). LHS, BAR
  166. Craigends House (old), Renfrewshire (d1850s, new house). Kilbarchan, A Parish History, Mackenzie, 1902
  167. Craigends House (new), Renfrewshire (1857, mostly d1967 or later, ruin d1980). LHS, DB
  168. Craighall, Fife (C17, +W Bruce 1697-9, d1955). LHS, DCH
  169. Craighead House, Blantyre, Lanarkshire (+C19, abandoned 1990s, d2001 fire). Other
  170. Craigie House, Dundee/West Ferry, Angus.
  171. Craiglockhart House, Midlothian. LHS
  172. Craigton House, Paisley Road West, Glasgow (1770s, +later, d c1921). CTD.
  173. Craigton House, Fintry, Stirlingshire (J Honeyman 1867, +~ Honeyman & Keppie 1889-90). Other
  174. Crawford Priory, Fife (D Hamilton 1809, +J Gillespie Graham 1811, +W Little 1869-71, bandoned 1968, part d1970, shell). SEH
  175. Courthill House, Ross & Cromarty (1770s, +A Ross 1856, +A Ross 1883, +Ross & Macbeth 1901, 1946 unroofed, shell 2014). Other
  176. Culross Abbey House, Fife. LHS, DCH
  177. Cushnie House, Aberdeenshire (Jenkins & Marr 1888, d1959 ruin, old house restored). LHS, DCH
  178. Dalquharran Castle, Ayrshire (C16/17, +R Adam 1790, +Walker & Son or Wardrop & Reid 1881, unroofed 1968 or 1970). LHS, DCH SEH, BAR
  179. Dalserf House, Lanarkshire (d1963). LHS
  180. Dalvine House, Perthshire. LHS
  181. Danevale Park, Glenlochar, Wigtownshire (C19, d?). Other
  182. Darleith House, Argyll (C16, +1610, +1616, +C18, +1903, abandoned 1960s, ruin, E wing restored 2006-9). BAR
  183. Dechmont House, West Lothian (1863, d1914, new house). Other
  184. Denmore House, Aberdeenshire (d1975). LHS
  185. Dingwall Castle, Ross & Cromarty (+c1800, d1960 fire shell). LHS
  186. Donibristle House, Fife (1719-23 A McGill, 1740 W Adam, d1858 or 1877 fire, leaving large servants' wings now restored with new house on site). LHS, DCH, SEH
  187. Doonside House, Ayrshire (d1961). LHS, DCH
  188. Dormont House, Dumfriesshire. LHS, DCH
  189. Douglas Castle, Lanarkshire (W&R Adam 1757-61, +A Elliot 1823, d1937). LHS
  190. Dreghorn Castle, Midlothian (+ J&A Elliot 1805, d1958). LHS
  191. Drumfin House, Argyll (d c1960). LHS, DCH
  192. Druminnor Castle, Aberdeenshire (C13 tower, +1577, tower d C19, +1841-3, part d1960 or 1965, smaller part remains). LHS, CHG, DCH
  193. Drumpellier House, Coatbridge (1736, +1740s, +1750s, d1960s).
  194. Dryburgh House, Angus (aka Dryburgh Castle? M Robertson, d1958). LHS, DCH, NMRS
  195. Dryden House, Lasswade, Midlothian. LHS, NMRS
  196. Dryfeholm, Dumfriesshire. LHS, DCH
  197. Duloch House, Fife (d1954). LHS, DCH
  198. Dunalastair House, Perthshire (A Heiton 1852, abandoned 1952, shell). BAR
  199. Dunbog, Fife (C18 or earlier +later, d1969). LHS, DCH
  200. Duncow House, Dumfriesshire (C19, d1960s). Other
  201. Duncrub House (Old), Perthshire (R Burn 1799, +W Burn 1836-7, d1870, new house). LHS
  202. Duncrub House (New), Perthshire (Habershon & Pite 1870, d1950, ruin). LHS
  203. Dunglass House, East Lothian (1807, +1813 R Crichton, d1947 fire, new house). LHS, DCH
  204. Dunipace House, Stirlingshire. LHS
  205. Dunira House, Perthshire (H Holland 1805, +W Stirling 1852, +W Burn, + D Bryce 1864, 1948 fire, ruin). LHS
  206. Dunmore Park, Airth, Stirlingshire (W Wilkins 1820-5, abandoned 1968, shell). SEH, BAR
  207. Dunottar House, Kincardineshire (d1959). LHS, DCH
  208. Dunskey House, Portpatrick, Wigtownshire (1706, +~William Burn 1830, d1901, new house). NMRS, GAZ
  209. Dupplin Castle (Old), Perthshire (d1820s fire). LHS
  210. Dupplin Castle (New), Pethshire (W Burn 1828-32, d1967). LHS
  211. Eaglesham House, Renfrewshire (D Bryce, d C20). Other
  212. Earlston House, Kircudbrightshire (c1954), LHS
  213. Easter Elchies, Moray (d c1950, ruin). LHS
  214. Ecclesgrieg, Kincardineshire (aka Mount Cyrus, C16, +HE Goodridge 1844, gutted 1953?, part-roofed shell). LHS, BAR, SEH
  215. Ederline House, Argyll
  216. Edmonstone House, Midlothian. LHS
  217. Eglinton Castle, Ayrshire (W Adam, JaPaterson 1798-1803, +porch W Railton or J Baxter Jr 1857, deroofed 1926, mostly d1973, ruin). LHS, DCH
  218. Elderslie House, Renfrewshire (1776-82, d1926). LHS
  219. Ellishill House, Aberdeenshire (fire). LHS, DCH
  220. Elliston House, Newton St Boswells, Roxburghshire (d c1956)
  221. Ellon Castle (old), Aberdeenshire (d1851 except one tower). LHS
  222. Ellon Castle (new), Aberdeenshire (J Baxter Jr? 1850s, d1920, new house). LHS, DCH
  223. Elphinstone Tower, Tranent, East Lothian (aka Elphinstone Castle, C15 tower, substantial later ?C16? wing, wing d by 1915, tower d1955). DCH, NMRS
  224. Faichfield House, Aberdeenshire (d1969). LHS, DCH
  225. Fala House, Midlothian (aka Hamilton Hall, W Adam 1735, d?).
  226. Farr House, Invernessshire (A Ross c1868, +1874, fire 1937, main portion d C20, S wing inhabited)
  227. Ferguslie House, Renfrewshire. Other
  228. Fernhall, Angus (d c1938). LHS, DCH
  229. Ferntower House, Perthshire (d1963). LHS
  230. Fettenear House (Old), Aberdeenshire (c1566, +1691-3, +J Massie early C19, +1818, +c1850, d1919 fire, ruin, new house nearby). LHS, SEH, BAR, DCH
  231. Fetteresso, Kincardineshire (C17, +1808, d1954 shell). LHS, SEH, DCH
  232. Finnarts House, Ballantrae, Ayrshire. NMRS
  233. Fintray House, Aberdeenshire (J Smith 1829-31, +1880, d1952). LHS, DCH
  234. Finzean House, Aberdeenshire (1686, +1749, +1790, +1860, part d1954 fire, new house). Aberdeenshire 3rd Stat. Acc. 1960.
  235. Flowerburn House, Rosemarkie. Other
  236. Fordell House, Fife (c1760, +C19, d1963). LHS, DCH
  237. Forres House, Moray (d 1971). LHS
  238. Fotheringham House, Angus (D Bryce 1859, d1953). LHS, DB, DCH
  239. Fullarton House, Ayrshire (aka Fullerton House, 1805 or 1845, d1966). LHS, DCH
  240. Gala House (New), Galashiels, Selkirkshire (D Bryce 1874?, d1987).
  241. Gallowhill House, Renfrewshire (J Salmon & Son 1867, d C20). Other
  242. Garlet House, Clackmannanshire (d1964). LHS, DCH
  243. Garnkirk House, Lanarkshire (C17, +1780, +D Hamilton 1820). LHS
  244. Garroch House, Kells, Galloway (early C19, ~Dick, Peddie & McKay, 1920s fire).
  245. Garrowhill House, Lanarkshire (after 1795, d 1961).
  246. Garscadden House, Garscadden Road, Glasgow (1723, +1789, d1959 fire). LHS
  247. Garscube House, Dunbartonshire or Lanarkshire (W Burn 1826, d1954/5). LHS, DCH
  248. Gartshore House, Kirkintilloch, Dunbartonshire.
  249. Garvel House, Renfrewshire (C18, d2005).
  250. Gask House (old), Perthsire (C17, d c1800, new house). CHB
  251. Gelston Castle, Kircudbrightshire (R Crichton c.1805, d c1950 shell). LHS, BAR, SEH
  252. Genoch House, Old Luce, Wigtownshire (C18, +c1900, ruin by 1962, d by 2002). LHS, NMRS
  253. Geramount House, Sanday, Orkney Islands (aka Overbister or Beafield, 1835, d1960s, shell). BAR
  254. Gilbertfield Castle, Lanarkshire (part d c1950). LHS
  255. Gilkerscleugh House, Crawfordjohn (C17 L-plan house, ~1907, d 1950s, fire).
  256. Gilmerton House, Midlothian (d c1950). LHS
  257. Girgenti House, Ayrshire (1827, d1940s). Other
  258. Glasserton House, Wigtownshire (R Adam 1787, +W Elliot 1820, d c1934). LHS
  259. Glassingal House, Perthshire (d1966). LHS
  260. Glen Caladh House, Argyll (C19, d1960 dry rot). Other
  261. Glen Grant House, Moray (C19, d1994). NMRS
  262. Glencoe House, Argyll (part d1965). LHS, DCH
  263. Glendaruel House, Argyll (W Leiper 1900, d1970 fire). NMRS
  264. Glengonnar House, Lanarkshire (C20, replaced Abington House, d1947-8).
  265. Glenfinart House, Argyll (aka Glenfinnart, Glen Finart, C19, +W Hunter McNab 1896, d1960s fire, tower remains). BAR
  266. Glenmuik House, Ballater, Aberdeenshire (aka Glenmuick, d1948). LHS, DCH
  267. Glenormiston House, Peeblesshire (d1956). LHS
  268. Glenquoich Lodge, Invernessshire (d1955). LHS, DCH
  269. Glentanar House, Aberdeenshire (1869? d C20, servants' quarters form basis of new accommodation)
  270. Grange House, Earlsferry, Fife (early C18, d pre 1855 fire, shell). BAR
  271. Grangepans House, West Lothian (d1906), LHS
  272. Greenlaw House, Midlothian. LHS
  273. Greenock Mansion House. MR
  274. Gordon Castle, Moray (+J Baxter 1769-82, mostly d1955). LHS
  275. Gourock House, Renfrewshire (1747, +1841, d C20?). NMRS
  276. Guisachan House, Invernessshire (C19, +c.1900, d1939, shell). LHS, DCH
  277. Haddo House, Inverkeithny, Aberdeenshire (J Smith or A Simpson c.1836, ruin by 1991). BAR
  278. Halleath House, Fife. LHS, DCH
  279. Halleaths, Lochmaben, Dumfriesshire (D Bryce C19, d C20).
  280. Hassendeanburn House, Roxburghshire (d1953). LHS
  281. Hamilton Palace, Lanarkshire (J Smith 1693-1701, +W Adam 1717, +D Hamilton 1822-5, d1922). LHS
  282. Hartrigge House, Roxburghshire (C18, +D Bryce 1854). LHS
  283. Harvieston Castle, Clackmannanshire (+1804, gutted 1965, later d). LHS, DCH, CHB
  284. Hatton House, Midlothian (C15 tower, +1696, +1704, restored 1859, windows altered 1870, d1952 fire ruin). LHS, CHB
  285. Hawkhead House, Renfrewshire (c. 1700, J Smith or A McGill, + J Playfair 1788, d1952/3). LHS
  286. Hawkhill House, Midlothian (d c.1970). LHS
  287. Heathcot House, Kincardineshire (A Simpson 1822, d1957, new house). LHS
  288. Hedderwick Hill, East Lothian (d1961). LHS, DCH
  289. Hendersyde Park, Ednam, Roxburghshire.
  290. Herbertshire Castle, Stirlingshire (d c.1914). LHS
  291. Herdmanston House, East Lothian (C17, d?). LHS, DCH
  292. Hermand House, West Lothian (d1978). LHS
  293. Hermitage House, Helensburgh, Dunbartonshire (d1963).
  294. Hoddom Castle, Ecclefechan, Dumfriesshire (C16 tower, +W Burn 1826, +H M Wardrop & R R Anderson 1879-1891, Burn wings d1953-75, tower ruin, late C19 wings intact). LHS, DCH, BAR, SEH
  295. Holm House, Dumfriesshire (d1970s). Other
  296. Holms, Ayrshire (aka Holms House). LHS, DCH
  297. House of Hedderwick, Angus (ruin). LHS, DCH
  298. Househill, Barrhead Road, Glasgow (C17, +D Hamilton C19, internal work C Mackintosh C20, d after 1930s). CTD
  299. Inchbrakie House, Perthshire. LHS
  300. Inchdairnie House, Fife (D Bryce 1845-7, d C20 fire). LHS, DCH
  301. Inchrye Abbey, Fife (J G Graham, remodelled D Hamilton 1809-13, OR 1827?, d1960 onwards). LHS, DCH, NMRS
  302. Inverardoch House, Perthshire (d1970). LHS
  303. Inverclyde House, Cove, Dunbartonshire (aka Hartfield House, C Douglas 1859, d1966). LHS, DCH
  304. Invergordon Castle, Ross & Cromarty (aka Inverbreakie Castle, 1872, d1928). NMRS
  305. Inverliever Lodge, Argyll (d1966). LHS, DCH
  306. Jardine Hall, Dumfriesshire (aka Jardine House, J Gillespie Graham? 1818, +E J May 1893, d1963). LHS, DCH,Other
  307. Jerviston House, Lanarkshire (R Adam 1782, d1965). LHS
  308. Johnstone Castle, Renfrewshire (aka Johnstone Place, tower house, +1771, +J Gillespie Graham? 1812, mostly d1950, remains now restored as house). LHS, SCE
  309. Jordanhill House, Renfrewshire. NMRS
  310. Keil House, Argyll (Campbell, Douglas and Sellars c.1870, d soon after 1915 fire, remnants). SEH
  311. Kelly House (old), Renfrewshire. MR
  312. Kelly House (new), Renfrewshire (d 1913?). Other
  313. Kelvingrove House, Lanarkshire (R Adam 1783, +J Carrick 1874 (as art gallery), d1900). LHS, CTD
  314. Kenmure House, Kircudbrightshire (aka Kenmore Castle, C16?, +C17, +C19, gutted c. 1950, ruin). NMRS, LHS
  315. Kenmure House, Lanarkshire (D Hamilton 1806, 1955). LHS
  316. Kennet House, Clackmannanshire (T Harrison 1793-4, d1967). LHS, DCH
  317. Kerelaw, Ayrshire. CHB
  318. Kerse House, Stirlingshire (d c.1958). LHS
  319. Kilconquhar House, Fife (much reduced). MF
  320. Killearn House, Stirlingshire (C19, +1850, shell d2004). Other
  321. Killochan Castle, Ayrshire. Other
  322. Kilmahew House, Argyll (J Burnet 1865-8, d1995 fire). BAR, NMRS
  323. Kilmaron Castle, Fife (d1984). Other
  324. Kilnside House, Paisley, Renfrewshire (C18, +C19, d after 1986 before 2001). SCE, NMRS
  325. Kinbroon House, Aberdeenshire (C18, d1930 fire or 1937). LHS, DCH
  326. Kincaldrum House, Angus (C19, abandoned 1950s, ruin). LHS
  327. Kincraig House, Fife (d1965) LHS, DCH
  328. Kintyre House, Argyll (d1948 fire), LHS, DCH
  329. Kirkhill House, West Lothian (d1950 shell). LHS
  330. Kirkton House, Lanarkshire (d1959). LHS
  331. Kirktonhill House, Marykirk, Aberdeenshire.
  332. Ladykirk House, Berwickshire (W Elliott or R Smirke 1797, +W Burn 1848, d1966 or 1967). LHS, DCH
  333. Laggan House, Ayrshire.
  334. Langhaugh, Selkirkshire (d1960). LHS
  335. Langholm Lodge, Dumfriesshire (+J Playfair 1786, rebuilt 1790 after fire, d 1953). LHS, DCH
  336. Langton House, Berwickshire (+D Bryce 1862, d1950). LHS, DCH
  337. Lanrick Castle, Perthshire (c.1790, +1815, +C19, d1994 fire, shell d2002). Other
  338. Largie Castle, Argyll (d1953). LHS, DCH
  339. Largo House, Fife (1750, +1815, d1951, shell). LHS, DCH, BAR, SEH
  340. Lathallan House, Polmont, Stirlingshire (aka Lawrence Park, T Hamilton 1826, +C19). Other
  341. Lauriston Castle, Kincardineshire (c.1780, +C19, part d post WWII, remaining portions now restored). LHS, DCH
  342. Laws, Angus (d1966, ruin). LHS, DCH
  343. Leask, Aberdeenshire (d1927 fire). LHS, DCH
  344. Lees, Berwickshire (aka The Lees, 1770, part d?, new house). LHS, CHB
  345. Leethland House, Elderslie, Renfrewshire (H Cook & Hamilton, d1977 and 1985 fires, shell). Other
  346. Lennox Castle, Lennoxtown, Glasgow (shell)
  347. Leslie House, Fife (fire 2009).
  348. Lessendrum, Aberdeenshire (C17, +1816, +A Simpson 1837, d1921 or 1925 fire, ruin). LHS, BAR, SEH, DCH
  349. Linburn House, Midlothian (d1955). LHS
  350. Lindertis House, Angus (A Elliott 1815-6, +1846, abandoned or d 1955, shell). LHS, DCH
  351. Linlathen House, Angus (+W Stirling c.1820, d1958). LHS, DCH
  352. Lochore House, Fife (W Bruce? c.1658, d1991). Other
  353. Lochton House
  354. Logan House, Kirkmaiden, Wigtownshire (C18, +David Bryce 1872, d1952 except C18 part). NMRS
  355. Logie House, Angus (d1910). DCH
  356. Logie House, Perthshire (C Wilson 1852, d1920s fire, Mills & Shepherd new house incorporating remains d1970)
  357. Longhaugh House, Longhaugh/Dundee, Angus.
  358. Loudoun Castle, Ayrshire (A Elliott 1804-11, d1941 or 1943 fire, shell). LHS, DCH
  359. Lyndhurst House, Angus (J Maclaren c.1891, d c.1938). LHS, NMRS, DCH
  360. Macbie Hall, Peeblesshire (d c.1950). LHS
  361. Mains House, Dunbartonshire (aka Balvie). LHS, DCH
  362. Masterron House, Midlothian (C17, +later, d1938). LHS
  363. Mauchline House, Ayrshire (d c.1930). LHS, DCH
  364. Maudslie Castle, Lanarkshire (R Adam 1792, +D Bryce 1860, d1959? or 1935?). LHS
  365. Maulsden House, Angus (aka Maulesden, D Bryce 1853, d1963). LHS, DCH
  366. Mavisbank, Midlothian (J Clerk & W Adam 1724, d1973 fire, shell). LHS, SEH
  367. Mayfield House, Roxburghshire (d c.1960). LHS
  368. Merchiston House, Renfrewshire (d C20). Other
  369. Menstrie House, Clackmannanshire (d c1950, shell). LHS, DCH
  370. Midhope Castle, West Lothian (C16, +C17, d1958 shell). LHS
  371. Middleton Hall, West Lothian (d1925). LHS
  372. Millearne, Perthshire (R&R Dickson 1821-38, d1969, new house). LHS
  373. Millfield, Polmont, Stirlingshire (C19, d post-WWII). Other
  374. Milliken House (old), Renfrewshire (1733, d1830s fire). LHS, SCE
  375. Milliken House (new), Renfrewshire (1836, d1921). LHS, SCE
  376. Milkbank House, Dumfriesshire (C19, d C20 shell). NMRS
  377. Milton Lockhart House, Lanarkshire (W Burn 1829-36, unroofed 1956, shell d1993, exported to Japan). LHS, other
  378. Minto House, Roxburghshire (+W Adam 1738-46, +A Elliot 1809-14, +W Playfair 1837, +J Maitland Wardrop 1859, R Lorimer 1894-1906, gutted 1973, d1992). LHS
  379. Mochrum Park, Wigtownshire (C18, +C19, later work partly demolished including main entrance front)
  380. Mollance, Kircudbrightshire. LHS
  381. Moncreiffe House, Perthshire (W Bruce 1679, d1957 fire, new house). LHS
  382. Monkland House, Lanarkshire (1542, +1700, d C20 fire). NMRS
  383. Montgomerie House, Ayrshire (J Paterson 1798, d1969 or 1971 fire). LHS, DCH
  384. Montrave House, Fife (c. 1820, +1893, d1970). LHS, DCH
  385. Mordington House, Berwickshire (d1973, new house on site). LHS, DCH
  386. Mount Annan House, Dumfriesshire (part d c.1930). LHS, DCH
  387. Mount Alexander, Perthshire (early C19, d?). LHS
  388. Mountblairy House, Banffshire (early C19, gutted 1940s, d1950). LHS, DCH
  389. Moy Hall, Invernessshire (tower, +A Ross 1872, +WL Carruthers c.1895, d1957, new house). LHS, DCH, other.
  390. Moy House, Moray (C18 C Williamson, +later, d1995 fire, shell). BAR
  391. Mugdrum House, Fife (d1914 fire). LHS, DCH
  392. Murie House, Perthshire (d1938). LHS
  393. Murthley Castle, Perthshire (J Gillespie Graham 1829-32, d1950). LHS
  394. Mylnefield House, Perthshire (d c.1946). LHS
  395. Nenthorn House (Old), Roxburghshire (1680-1710, abandoned after 1896, shell d c.2006, new house). Other
  396. Newfield House, Renfrewshire (d1975). LHS
  397. New Hall, East Lothian (aka Newhall, W Adam pre-1723, d1909). LHS, DCH
  398. Newtonairds, Dumfriesshire (built 1865-6). Other
  399. Newton Hall, East Lothian (late C18, d1966). LHS, DCH
  400. Newton House, Moray (1793, +T Mackenzie 1852, d1992 fire, shell). BAR
  401. Niddrie Marischal House, Midlothian (C17, +W Burn C19, abandoned 1950s, d c1971 fire). Other
  402. Ninewells House, Berwickshire (W Burn 1839-41, d1964). LHS, DCH
  403. North Barr, Renfrewshire. LHS
  404. Orangefield House, Ayrshire (d1966). LHS, DCH
  405. Ormiston House, East Lothian (aka Ormiston Hall, J Baxter 1745-8, +others later, part d1940 fire, ruin). LHS, DCH, other
  406. Otterstone House, Abderdeenshire (d1950 fire). LHS, DCH
  407. Pam House, Angus (d1955). LHS, DCH
  408. Panmure House, Angus (J Milne 1666, +D Bryce 1852, d1955). LHS, DCH
  409. Park House, Renfrewshire (d1946). LHS
  410. Parkhill House, Aberdeenshire (C19, d c1955 or c1960, new house on site). LHS, DCH
  411. Parton House, Kircudbrightshire (d1964). LHS
  412. Penicuik House, Midlothian (J Clerk 1761-9, D Bryce 1857, d1899 fire, shell). LHS, BAR
  413. Petmathen House, Aberdeenshire (d1955). LHS, DCH
  414. Philiphaugh, Selkirkshire (d c.1967). LHS
  415. Philorth House, Aberdeenshire (1666, +1874, d1915 fire). LHS, DCH
  416. Pilrig House, Midlothian (C17, +W Burn 1828, 1969 fire). LHS
  417. Pinmore, Ayrshire (fire, mostly d1981, ruin). LHS
  418. Pinnacle Hill House, Roxburghshire. LHS
  419. Pirn, Peeblesshire (c. 1700, +1730, d1950). LHS
  420. Pitcorthie House, Fife (d c.1950, new house on site). LHS, DCH
  421. Pitcullo House, Fife (d1954). LHS, DCH
  422. Pitfour House, Aberdeenshire (J Smith, +J Ferguson, d1926 or 1927). LHS, DCH
  423. Pitlurg House, Aberdeenshire (A Simpson 1827, d1927 fire, ruin). LHS, DCH
  424. Pittyvaich House, Banffshire (d1968). LHS, DCH
  425. Plean House, Stirlingshire (W Stirling c.1802, d1970, shell). SEH, BAR
  426. Polkemmet, Whitburn, West Lothian. Other
  427. Polmaise Castle, Stirlingshire (d1966). LHS
  428. Polmont Bank, Stirlingshire (d post-WWII). Other
  429. Polmont House, Stirlingshire (C18, d post-WWII). Other
  430. Polmont Park House, Stirlingshire (C18, d1959). LHS, other
  431. Poltalloch House, Argyll (W Burn 1849-53, d1957, shell). LHS, CHB, DCH
  432. Polton House, Lasswade, Midlothian
  433. Possil House, Glasgow (c. 1700, +D Hamilton, d1867).
  434. Rachan House, Broughton, Peeblesshire (d1920s).
  435. Ralston, Renfrewshire (D Hamilton 1810, +1864, d1934). LHS, SCE
  436. Ravenstone Castle, Wigtownshire (C18 and later, partly dem. shell, one wing restored). LHS, other
  437. Rankeillor House, Fife (d c.1956, replaced by new house). LHS, DCH
  438. Redcastle, Ross & Cromarty (1641 & earlier, W Burn 1840, last inhabited 1950s, now shell). LHS, BAR
  439. Relugas House, Moray (d c.1955). LHS
  440. Restalrig Park, Leith, Midlothian.
  441. Rhindmuir House, Baillieston, Lanarkshire (C18, +C19, d1980s). Other
  442. Riccarton House, Midlothian (C16 tower, +1621, remodelled W Burn 1823-7, d1956). LHS
  443. Riddell House, Roxburghshire (C17 tower, +C18 wing, +1845, +1865, d1943 fire, shell). SEH
  444. Romanno House, Peeblesshire (d c.1950). LHS
  445. Rosebank House, Dumfriesshire. LHS, DCH
  446. Rosebank, Midlothian (d c.1950). LHS
  447. Rosehall House, Old Monklands, Lanarkshire (aka Douglas Support, C19, d C20)
  448. Rosehaugh, Ross & Cromarty (d1959). LHS
  449. Rosemont House, Angus (ruin). LHS, DCH
  450. Roseneath Castle, Dunbartonshire (aka Rosneath, J Bonomi 1803-6, gutted 1947, shell d1961). LHS, DCH
  451. Rosshill House, Ayrshire (aka Rossell, d1939). LHS, DCH
  452. Rossie Castle, Angus (R Crichton 1800, d1957). LHS, DCH
  453. Rossie Priory, Perthshire (W Atkinson 1807-15, main block d c.1949, W wing extant). LHS
  454. Rouken Glen, Renfrewshire (d C20). MR
  455. Rothie Castle, Aberdeenshire (aka Rothie-Norman or Rothienorman House)
  456. Rothiemay Castle, Banffshire (d c.1949, new house incorporates doorcase, ruin?). LHS, DCH
  457. Sands, Fife (d c.1949). LHS, DCH
  458. Sanquhar House, Forres, Moray (aka House of Sanchar, Burdsyards, d1975). LHS
  459. Saughton Hall, Edinburgh, Midlothian (aka Saughton Hall House, C17, +C19, d1954). NMRS
  460. Saughton House, Edinburgh, Midlothian (C17, d1920, fire). LHS, NMRS
  461. Schawpark House, Clackmannanshire (R&J Adam? d1961). LHS, DCH
  462. Scotscraig, Fife (d 1980s). Other
  463. Scotstoun, Dumbarton Rd, Glasgow (aka Scotston, C18, +D Hamilton 1825, d late C19). Other
  464. Scotstown, Aberdeenshire (d1947, shell). LHS, DCH
  465. Seacliffe, East Lothian (aka Sea Cliff, D Bryce 1841, fire, shell). LHS, DCH
  466. Seaton House, Aberdeenshire (d 1963, fire). LHS, DCH
  467. Seggieden, Perthshire (aka Seggiedon, 1772-5, d c.1975). LHS
  468. Shawfield Mansion, Trongate, Glasgow (C Campbell 1712, d1792). Other.
  469. Shewalton House, Ayrshire (1806, d c1930). NMRS
  470. Slains Castle, Aberdeenshire (aka New Slains Castle, J Smith 1836, shell). LHS, DCH
  471. Smeaton Hepburn, East Lothian (d c.1948), LHS, DCH
  472. Smeaton House, East Lothian (d c.1948), LHS, DCH
  473. Snaigow, Perthshire (d c.1964). LHS
  474. Southbarr House, Renfrewshire (d C20, new house). MR
  475. Southfield House, Renfrewshire. MR
  476. Spottiswoode House, Berwickshire (W Burn, d c.1928). LHS, DCH
  477. Springwood Park, Roxburghshire (C18, +1850s Brown & Wardrop, d c.1954). LHS
  478. St Fort House, Fife (d1953). LHS, DCH
  479. Stenhouse, Stirlingshire (aka Stenhousemuir, W Bruce 1623, W Burn 1836, I Lindsay 1946, d1968). LHS
  480. Stichill House, Stichill, Roxburghshire (JM Wardrop 1866, d C20). NMRS
  481. Stockbriggs, Lanarkshire (C19). SEH
  482. Stonebyres, Lanarkshire (+D Hamilton 1840, +J Baird, d1934). LHS
  483. Stirkoke House, Caithness (C19, D Bryce, d1994 fire, shell). SEH, BAR
  484. Strichen House, Aberdeenshire (J Smith 1818-21, d c.1954, shell). LHS, DCH
  485. Tarbat House (old), Ross & Cromarty (d after 1745, replaced by below). Other.
  486. Tarbat House (new), Ross & Cromarty (1787, shell, fire 1987). SEH, BAR
  487. Tarvit House, Fife (d 1963). LHS, DCH
  488. Terregles, Kircudbrightshire (T Atkinson 1788, +1830, d 1964). LHS, DCH, CHB
  489. The Glen, Renfrewshire (1859, d C20). MR
  490. Thirlestaine House, Selkirkshire (C17, +1872, d 1965). LHS
  491. Thurso Castle, Caithness (shell, new house nearby). LHS, DCH
  492. Thurston, East Lothian (aka Thurston Manor, J Kinross C18, +wings 1780, d 1952). LHS, DCH
  493. Tinwald Down, Dumfriesshire (W Adam 1738-40, d c.1950 fire, rebuilt differently). LHS, DCH
  494. Tillery House, Anerdeenshire (ruin).
  495. Tillicoutry, Clackmannanshire. CHB
  496. Tonley House, Aberdeenshire (additions J Smith 1829, ruin). LHS, DCH
  497. Torrie House, Fife (aka Torry House, part demolished to make smaller house). LHS, DCH
  498. Trearne House, Beith (C19 mansion, d1954). Other
  499. Troup House, Banffshire (d c.1965). LHS, DCH
  500. Tullibody House, Clackmannanshire (C18, W Stirling 1803). LHS, DCH
  501. Tullichewan Castle, Dunbartonshire (R Lugar 1808, d 1954). LHS, DCH
  502. Tullos House, Aberdeenshire.
  503. Turnerhall House, Aberdeenshire (D MacAndrew 1861, d 1933). LHS, DCH
  504. Udny Castle, Udny, Aberdeenshire (C16 tower, +HM Wardrop 1874-5, d1964-7, tower remains). DCH
  505. Ulva House (Old), Kilninian & Kilmore, Argyll (extant 1845, d?). NMRS
  506. Ulva House (New), Kilninian & Kilmore, Argyll (extant 1845, d1954 fire, new house). NMRS, DCH
  507. Ury House, Stonehaven, Kincardineshire (aka Urie House, d1956, shell), DCH
  508. Valleyfield House, Culross, Fife (aka High Valleyfield, 1809? d1941 or pre-1939). NMRS, DCH
  509. Wallyford, Midlothian (d 1948). LHS
  510. Walkinshaw House, Renfrewshire (R Adam 1791, d 1920 or 1927). LHS, SCE
  511. Wardhouse, Aberdeenshire (ruin). LHS, DCH
  512. Warriston House, Midlothian (d 1965). LHS
  513. Wells House, Berwickshire (C18 house, d early 1900s). Other
  514. Wells House, Berwickshire (1906 house, d 1951). Other
  515. Wellwood House, Ayrshire (1876, d C20). MA
  516. West Shandon House, Dunbartonshire (aka Shandon Hydro, JT Rochead 1858, d variously 1957, 1958 or 1960). LHS, DCH
  517. Wester Elchies House, Moray (d c1968). Other
  518. Whitehall House, Berwickshire (C18, +C19, ~C20, d April 2015). NMRS, BAR
  519. Williamfield House, Ayrshire. LHS, DCH
  520. Wishaw House, Lanarkshire (additions by J Gillespie Graham 1825, W Burn 1858, d 1953). LHS
  521. Wolflee House, Roxburghshire (d 1977 fire). LHS
  522. Woodbank House, Argyll (ruin, aka Hamilton House Hotel). Other
  523. Woodbank House, Balloch, Dunbartonshire (fire 1996).
  524. Woodburn House, Midlothian. LHS
  525. Woodcote Park, Midlothian (C18, additions D Bryce 1854, d c.1970). Other
  526. Woodhall, Renfrewshire (c.1938). LHS
  527. Woodhouselee, Midlothian (C18, additions G M Kemp 1843, d 1965). LHS
  528. Woodside House, Renfrewshire (C Wilson 1850-2, +HJ Blanc 1881, d 1952 fire). LHS
  529. Woodslee, Midlothian (d c.1967). LHS
  530. Woolmeet House (1686, d 1953). LHS

Lost Scottish Villas

Villas are distinguished from country houses by being built within or by a village, town, or city, and lacking the estate that originally accompanied a country house. Some are, essentially, a country house in scale and execution, lacking only the extended estate. There is inevitably confusion as to whether some buildings are country houses or villas, and therefore the most architecturally significant lost villas are included here.
  1. Almanarre, Faslane, Dunbartonshire
  2. Ardgare, Shandon, Dunbartonshire
  3. Ardvar House, Wemyss Bay, Renfrewshire
  4. Arnhall, Dundee, Angus
  5. Ashcliff, Dundee, Angus
  6. Balernock House, Shandon, Dunbartonshire
  7. Balgillo House, Broughty Ferry, Angus
  8. Bellevilla, Bellevilla Road, Stranraer, Wigtonshire (2003).
  9. Ballikinrain House, Rhu, Dunbartonshire
  10. Bellfield, Dundee, Angus
  11. Bellfield House, Trinity Road, Leith
  12. Belvidere House, Stanley Road, Leith (aka Belvedere House)
  13. Belmont, Lewis Street, Stranraer, Wigtownshire (by 1980s)
  14. Blackford Park, South Oswald Road, Edinburgh
  15. Brediland House, Paisley (C19, d1983). Other
  16. Broomfield, Rhu, Dunbartonshire.
  17. Bush House, Rothesay, Bute (aka The Bush, C18, d1940s). NMRS
  18. Canaan Lodge, Canaan Lane, Edinburgh.
  19. Cardell House, Renfrewshire. Other
  20. Cargilfield, Trinity Road, Leith
  21. Castleroy, Broughty Ferry, Angus (d1953). DCH
  22. Clarebank, Claremont Road, Leith
  23. Craigmount, Dick Place, Edinburgh (d C20)
  24. Craigtay, Dundee, Angus
  25. Crawford Lodge, Dundee, Angus
  26. Crescent House, Dundee, Angus
  27. Curling Hall, Largs, Ayrshire (D Hamilton 1805, +C19, d C20). Other
  28. Denham Green, East Trinity Road, Leith.
  29. Dryden Bank, Church Street, Loanhead
  30. Duddingston Cottage, Duddingston, Midlothian
  31. Dunmore, Dundee, Angus
  32. Dunmore House, Rhu, Dunbartonshire (d1970s).
  33. East Viewfield, Trinity Road, Leith
  34. Eilyer House, Gortans Road, Ardbeg, Bute (aka Mountclare, d by 1980s).
  35. Ellengowan, Dundee, Angus
  36. Etterickdale, Kames, Bute (aka Etterickdale, Tree House, d1992).
  37. Farington Hall, Dundee, Angus (d1913 fire). LHS, DCH
  38. Ferguslie Park, Paisley, Renfrewshire (aka Glencoats, HJ Blanc 1890, +1908, d1980). Other
  39. Ferniegair House, Helensburgh, Dunbartonshire (J Honeyman 1869, d1960s).
  40. Foley House, Rothesay, Bute (aka Foley House Hotel, d1995 fire). NMRS
  41. Glamis House, Dundee, Angus
  42. Glenelg, Faslane, Dunbartonshire
  43. Glenesk House, Polton, Lasswade, Midlothian (aka Glenesk Lodge)
  44. Glenoran House, Rhu, Dunbartonshire (J Honeyman 1869, d c1969).
  45. Granton House, West Shore Road, Edinburgh
  46. Hay Lodge, East Trinity Road, Leith
  47. Hazel Hall, Dundee, Angus (d c.1938). LHS, DCH
  48. Heronhill House, Hawick, Roxburghshire (1865, restored as single storey+basement after C20 fire, d2004/5). BAR
  49. Inveralmond House, Cramond, Edinburgh (d C20).
  50. Kilcraig, Dundee, Angus
  51. Lansdowne Park, Helensburgh, Dunbartonshire (1850s, +W Leiper 1896, d2004).
  52. Larkfield, Ferry Road, Leith
  53. Laverockbank House, East Trinity Road, Leith
  54. Lixmount House, East Trinity Road, Leith
  55. Lomond Vale, Falkland, Fife. Other
  56. Mayfield, Dundee, Angus
  57. Millbank, Canaan Lane, Edinburgh
  58. Monkwood, Kilgraston Road, Edinburgh
  59. Newbank, Trinity Road, Leith
  60. Oswald House, Grange, Edinburgh
  61. Red Hall, Great Western Road, Glasgow (T L Watson 1885, d1968). CtD
  62. Rhinsdale, Baillieston, Lanarkshire (c1835, d1970s). Other
  63. Rhynd Lodge, Claremont Park, Leith
  64. Rockville, Edinburgh (J Gowans 1858, d1966). NMRS
  65. Rothmar, Wemyss Bay, Renfrewshire (d C20). Other
  66. Seagrove House, Claremont Park, Leith
  67. Sencote House, Claremont Park, Leith
  68. Silverknowe, Marine Drive, Edinburgh (d C20)
  69. South Bank, Canaan Lane, Edinburgh
  70. Spring Grove, Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire (d C20). Other
  71. Springfield House, Polton, Lasswade, Midlothian (some outbuildings remain)
  72. Springhill House, Dundee, Angus
  73. Summerfield House, Restalrig Road, Leith
  74. Summerhill, Shandon, Dunbartonshire
  75. Taybank, Dundee, Angus
  76. The Bloom, Canaan Lane, Edinburgh
  77. Thornbank, Dundee, Angus
  78. Thornhill, Hillhead, Bonnyrigg
  79. Trinity Cottage, Ferry Road, Leith
  80. Trinity House, East Trinity Road, Leith
  81. Viewforth House, Claremont Park, Leith
  82. Wemyss House, Wemyss Bay, Renfrewshire (Salmon & Son 1860, d C20). NMRS, MR
  83. West Park, St Andrews, Fife (D Bryce 1866, +1923-8, d1960s?). DB
  84. West Viewfield, Trinity Road, Leith
  85. Woodcroft, Clinton Road, Edinburgh (D Bryce C19, d1962). NMRS, DB

Found houses and errata

Houses mistakenly listed as demolished when not, houses where a shell/ruin has been sympathetically restored, and houses that probably never existed.
  1. Alastrean House, Aberdeenshire (aka House of Cromar, 1905, fire 1952 shell, restored 1958). DCH, LHS
  2. Archerfield, East Lothian (late C17, +C18, ~R Adam 1790, ~1933, interior partly gutted 1962, restored 2006?). DCH
  3. Auchterlees House, Aberdeenshire. Source presumably RCAHMS Demolitions catalogue, which includes this incorrect spelling, refering to Blackford House in Auchterless Parish, now a farmhouse, reduced to a single storey plus attics. Blackford House is not included in the list above at present. DCH, LHS
  4. Balbeggie House, Peeblesshire or Perthshire. Probably erroneous. No evidence of a lost house near Balbeggie, St Martin's Parish, Perthshire can be found from 19th century maps, nor can Balbeggie in Peeblesshire be found. Wester, Middle and Easter Balbeggie farmsteads between Kirkcaldy and Thornton, Fife appear on some maps as Balbeiggy, are largely extant, and appear unrelated. LHS, NMRS (with caveat).
  5. Bankton House, East Lothian (C18, restored after fire 1852, gutted 1966, truncated shell, restored 1993 by Lothian Building Preservation Trust). LHS, DCH, CHB, SEH, NMRS
  6. Bargany, Ayrshire (C17, +1840, +1862-76). Restored following threat of demolition. LHS
  7. Bellatly Lodge, Peeblesshire. Probably Bellaty Lodge, Angus, demolished 1954-5, and listed above. NMRS, LHS
  8. Benholm Castle, Aberdeenshire (tower c1500, caphouse c1600, separate mansion adjoining 1760, abandoned c1950, derelict by 1982, mansion restored by 2008, tower & adjoining block ruin). LHS
  9. Broadmeadows House, Berwickshire (extant, demolition refers to Broadmeadows Home Farm House) DCH/?LHS
  10. Cove House, Dumfriesshire (C18, +~1844, roof collapsed from dry rot 1972, restored 2007-8). SEH, BAR
  11. Frendraught House, Aberdeenshire The fragment of castle described in MacGibbon & Ross was demolished circa 1948, but the house itself was not. DCH
  12. Glenlair House, Dumfriesshire (W Newall 1830, +Peddie & Kinnear C19, fire 1928, partially roofed shell, E block restored 1993, restoration of W wing and rebuilding of central section completed 2014). BAR
  13. Monkstadt, Skye (c1730, abandoned 1956, shell by 1986, restored by 2014). BAR